About Strathaven Fairtrade

We are pleased to announce that we are now a Charity. The number is Scottish Charity 036622.

Strathaven first became interested in Fairtrade Town status in October 2001. MSP Linda Fabiani, who had heard of Garstang (World’s 1st Fairtrade Town), suggested to a local group that Strathaven could develop into being one of the first Fairtrade towns in Scotland. The initial group consisted of Linda, Cllr James Malloy, David Evans, Sandy Grant (Oxfam area representative), Margaret Morton and Paulo Quadros. Paulo was chairperson for the first year and worked really hard getting the town registered. In March 2002, a public meeting was held at Strathaven Academy, where Simon Hodgson (Oxfam) gave a talk about Fairtrade and answered questions to participants.

Strathaven became Scotland’s first Fairtrade town, with Aberfeldy, in December 2002. Since then there have been regular events – Traidcraft stalls on Gala Days, Reindeer Day and at the Balloon Festival, a fashion show for One World Week, a powerpoint presentation on a study trip to Nicaragua and numerous local talks. Strathaven was very proud when Sandford School became the first Fairtrade Primary School in Scotland in March 2005, this represented a great deal of work by the staff and pupils. Many other local schools have now joined, find more in our education pages. A very popular annual event has been the Strathaven Fairtrade Poster and Poem Competition for Primary Schools.

From being a town where the concept of Fairtrade was largely known only in the churches, the population of Strathaven has become very well informed and now has many local supporters including local business.

We would like to thank the Council for generous grants they have given us over the time we have been a Fairtrade Town. Without their help, we would not have been able to expand our activities. Also for the support they have given in terms of printing our directories and attending our functions and generally validating our actions.

We would also like to thank The Roundtable, the Rotary and many other local donors, some of whom remain anonymous. The local businesses have also been of great support to us, particularly those who have helped to fund the website. Thanks for the continued support of LS Smellie & Sons, who always do our colour photocopying of the Primary School Competition Winners. Many others have supported us by attending our events and purchasing Fairtrade items. Thanks to all!