About Fairtrade

fairtrade bananasFarmers in the Southern Hemisphere who grow our coffee, tea, cocoa, bananas and many other products are often very poor. They struggle to survive within a system of world trade that is not fair.Fairtrade means that these farmers are paid a fair price for the work they do and have a guarantee that the price of their products will always cover the cost of production – no matter how low the market price goes.The FAIRTRADE Mark is an independent consumer label which appears on products as an independent guarantee that disadvantaged producers in the developing world are getting a better deal.

How does Fairtrade help these producers?

For around 500,000 farmers and workers, FAIRTRADE means:

  • Fair wages
  • Decent working conditions
  • Improved health and safety standards
  • Security of long term contracts
  • Respect for people eg. new opportunities for women and children
  • Environmental improvements, emphasising sustainable production
  • More control over their own lives, through participating in democratic organisations

For information on Fairtrade products and where to buy them visit:
UK Fairtrade web page